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Chamber Performances

The Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra performed our third chamber performance of the season.

Our performance included Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Clarinet Quintet, Op 10, and Air and Simple Gifts by John Williams.

It was a wonderful opportunity to perform with my fellow symphony members on the same program as members of the Marine Band Orchestra, who took the second half of the program.  


The Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra performed our first chamber concert of the season, with more to come!

Here is our Beethoven Septet, Op 20, from October 25th, 2020:


Want to hear what the clarinet and the members of it's family sound like?  Do you want to hear what we can play?


Two tutorials for true beginners!

Three tutorials to help the beginner/intermediate clarinetist improving their concepts on directing their wind, compensating for the inadequacies of the instruments, achieving broader dynamic control, and creating a more robust, vibrant sound quality.

Some notes speak more powerfully than others, on the clarinet, and we need to blow in a manner that compensates for the weaker notes.

This exploration is called "Long Pipe Short Pipe".

Most developing clarinetists have a more robust, colorful sound when they're playing loudly.  Why can't we have the same when we play softly?

We can!

The trick is realizing what's automatic in forte that has to be added to piano:  internal pressure.

Want to be able to play with a focused, robust sound throughout the range of the instrument?

Want to know how the highest notes can be played easily?

The trick is voicing:  pressurizing the airstream right before it enters the instrument!

Etude  of  the  week cONTRIBUTIONS

In the Covid vacuum of performances, it's been fun to visit and learn some etudes that I never learned when I was young.  These are all for the FaceBook "Etude of the Week" group.

Chamber Performances



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