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How do lessons work?

How do lessons work?

How much do lessons cost?

Half hour = $35.00

Three-quarter hour = $52.50

Hour = $70

How are the lessons structured?


Once we find a time that is mutually convenient, lessons are provided weekly!

What if my clarinetist can't attend a lesson?

Everyone receives one make-up lesson, scheduled in the last week of the semester.

For other conflicts, families consult the studio directory to arrange a lesson swap with another family.

*During the Covid-19 pandemic, every effort will be made to reschedule and honor lessons that are canceled for student illness.*

What if Mr. Tobin cancels for rehearsal or performance?

If we can make it up, that's great!

Otherwise, I reimburse you for the lesson or credit you for the lesson to the next semester.

How do I set up a lesson time?

Contact Mr. Tobin!

In-Person vs Online

In-person vs Online lessons:

*In-person Lessons are currently only offered to fully vaccinated students.  All other lessons are online.*

In-person lessons are the preferred route in most cases.  It is easier for me to diagnose problems and to communicate solutions, and it's easier for the student to understand and process the information.  Additionally my entire library as well as all of my equipment are right there as we need it.

Online lessons can be considered for several reasons:  lack of access to quality instruction in your area, temporary or regular transportation challenges, ease of personal convenience, etc.  

Online lessons for true beginners?

Online lessons for true beginners?

In the initial lessons it will be especially helpful to have a parent on hand throughout the lesson to be help troubleshoot a couple predictable challenges:  placing the reed on the mouthpiece, lining up the bridge key, etc.

With eighteen years of teaching beginners, YES -- it is possible to successfully start novices online.

Introductory Lesson

Introductory lesson policy for 2021:

I am pleased to provide a free half-hour introductory lesson this fall.  This opportunity includes a 15-minute pre-meeting to confirm that our internet connection will function adequately and to determine what platform will be best for your lesson!

At the end of your lesson, you and your clarinetist sign off and decide whether you'd like to sign up for more!

If you'd rather go in another direction, I'm happy to provide you with the contact information for other clarinet instructors in town.

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